KC Tree Service Kansas City

Removing a Tree is Sometimes Necessary

Have some time to check the trees in your yard. Do you notice any dying, decaying, or just plain ugly tree standing in your yard? If you do, give us a call, and we will be there to offer you a fast and free estimate.

It can be easier to remove a tree that is dying and has health problems, but it can be a different story when the tree is completely in good health. However, poor health is not always the reason for tree removal. There are other plausible reasons why a tree needs to be removed and that include safety purposes. If your tree is endangering your life and causing landscape issues, there is no better way to deal with it but to remove it. Whatever the reason for tree removal, you can rely on KC Tree Service to rid your yard of the tree most efficiently and effectively possible.

We have a team of certified and trained arborists who can handle every type of tree removal projects in the local area. Whether your property is a small residential area or a vast commercial property, our team can handle the job with excellence. We are fully insured and licensed; that is why you can trust us to be liable for any damage and injury that may occur while we work in your property. No tree is ever difficult for us to remove.

Tree Removal

While we acknowledge the fact that tree removal is a straightforward job, we can’t deny that it requires the right equipment and proper knowledge for it to be done effectively. We can use a truck to easily access the top of your tree or have some of our personnel to climb the tree and remove it. Whatever the method we will use, we will begin the process by working on the top of the tree and continue our way down. To safely remove your tree, we will carefully dismember every branch and limbs from the crown to the main trunk. The small twigs and limbs will be disposed of using our wood chippers. Throughout the removal process, our ground crew will handle the tree debris and other residue caused by the procedure. We will ensure that your yard is free from dirt before we leave your home or office for the day.

It is standard for us to begin our tree removal process with a free on the spot estimate. When we receive your call, we will quickly get to your property to start the estimation on the same day. We will include all the details about the service from the equipment down to the cost of the removal. We can easily follow-up with a written estimate via email once you agree to our verbal estimate and set a schedule for the removal. The written estimate will come with our licensing and insurance information for your security. You can expect the job to be done within 2-5 business days after your call. We can quickly respond to your request because we have several expert teams who can attend to your tree removal needs.

It is necessary for most trees to be trimmed every 3-5 years for optimum health and appearance. Although there are cases when trimming can be done by the homeowner, trimming larger trees are best assigned to the experts. KC Tree Service can effectively trim any type and size of the tree to bring back its beauty and safety.