KC Tree Service Kansas City

Trimming Trees

Tree trimming should be one of the main things you do to your tree to keep it aesthetically pleasing and enhance its health.

  • Regular trimming helps trees to grow correctly and eliminates the risk of splitting
  • It gets rids of dead and dying limbs that cause potential danger to your property and landscape
  • Trimming encourages good health by focusing on strong limbs and allowing much-needed sunlight to penetrate
  • Brings back the correct shape and structure of the tree to prevent overgrowing
  • Improve symmetry and structural soundness by removing weak limbs and branches

Our team has perfected both the science and art of tree trimming, and we don’t stop there. We continue to improve our skills through constant training so we can make sure we provide only the best service to our clients. One thing we never do is to over trim your tree because we know how detrimental it can be to their health and appearance.

Professional Tree Trimming Service

Like tree removal, trimming can pose a threat to you and your property’s safety. Professional attention is needed to trim mature trees that have large and heavy branches. If not done correctly, trimming can cause even more harm than good to your tree’s welfare. It is also risky to trim a tree near a fixed structure and can end up damaging roofs, windows, and pathways. For these reasons, we recommend professional tree trimming service for every tree in your yard. It demands proper equipment, backed by years of practice and expertise in the field to trim a tree correctly. Aside from the trimming process, dealing with the wood from the tree is quite daunting. When you hire us, we can take care of the debris and turn them into wood chips or mulch, depending on your request. Save yourself from unnecessary stress and allow KC Tree Service to trim your tree professionally.

Emergency Tree Trimming Services

Following a storm tree damage can be anywhere in your yard. We know that during this time, you’re the first thing in your mind is to clean the mess the storm has brought, especially if they cause obstruction to your daily activities. When you give us a call, we will make sure to deploy our tree leader to assess the extent of the damage in your property and offer you a firm verbal quote. We can

    immediately follow-up with a written quote sent through email, along with our licensing and insurance information. We can then dispatch our emergency response team to begin the clearing efforts and restore the look of your property in no time. Our emergency tree trimming service is made available round the clock for your convenience during these trying times.